Continual adaptation is the key to survival in today's world. Henry customizes strategies to fit your business, institution or employees. Known worldwide as a climber with a vast experience in all types of terrain Henry has harnessed the same successful concepts to work with clients and audiences internationally.

For someone like me who is interested in climbing history it was a great opportunity to see how one person's climbing career could be involved in so many significant places and moments in it.
Katie Ives Alpinist Magazine

Thank you, thank you, thank you. It is because you that I could buy a house in Aspen.
Francie B. (business client)

"... that one-man free climbing revolution, Henry Barber"
Greg Childs - Outside Magazine Online

"Henry redefined free soloing."
Men's Journal

Thanks for running (and I mean running) with this. Have you ever sold ice to Eskimos?
Jim (land trust associate)

Once again, on behalf of the firm, I want to thank-you for your excellent presentation. Personally, it resonated deeply with me and was at times quite touching. It is indeed all about the journey and the vision.
(inspirational speaking client)